Class Supply List



Instructor:  Gay Stricker or Connie Bowcutt

·         Leather Cord: 1mm – 2mm, depending on the size of your beads and the look you’re going for. Figure out how many wraps you want to make. Measure that distance, double it, and add about 7” extra for the ends. (example – for wrist size 7, double wrap: 7×2(14)x2(28)+7=35 inches of leather needed.

·         Beads: round or roundish beads work best and are easiest to work with. Size of bead will depend on the leather you are using and look you want. You will need enough to make as many wraps around your wrist as you want.

·         Fireline Thread, or other nylon thread: For Fireline use at 6 lb. (other threads: s-lon if your holes are big enough, silk thread)

·         Beading Needle: I like the big eye needles the best. They are easier to thread and a bit flexible.

·         Button: The kind with a loop vs. holes are a little easier, but you can use one with holes as long as your leather fits through.

·         GS Hypo Cement

·         Optional, but recommended: Thread Heaven or Bees Wax, Clip Board and large binder clip


Materials List

Instructor:  Debbie Orme

·         Beaded Ornament & Jewelry Magazine

·         24x 6mm glass oval pearls (White)

·         48 4mm bicone crystals

·         1 1-3/8 glass ornament bulb

·         #11 beading needles

·         6 lb. crystal Fireline

·         11 seed beads

    o   4 g color A

    o   2 g color B

    o   1 g 15 seed beads

Ending and adding thread